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Calling all mother-of-the-bride's! The time has come for your little girl to take her walk down the aisle. So what are you going to wear? Of course, it is your daughter's day, but this is also a big day for you too!

The Mother of the Bride needs to look great too! Chances are you know most of the guests and will be in most of the pictures with the happy couple. There is a plethora of beautiful mother-of-the-bride dresses out there - but they can be difficult to find.

For a more enjoyable shopping experience I would suggest the bride and her mother discuss looks prior to shopping so everyone is on the same page. And both the bride and her mother should be open minded when shopping, because you never truly know unless you try it on.

Here are just a few Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses and many of them you can order today!

To honor all of the beautiful and wonderful mother's out there I will be sharing MOB/MOG tips and tricks the next few days! Follow Ashleigh Elizabeth on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a Great Week!


Ashleigh Elizabeth

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