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Mother of the Bride: Gift Guide

Your wedding day is approaching quickly, and if you don't have a wedding planner you are most likely planning the majority of your wedding with your first best friend - your mom! The checklists are getting longer, but don't forget to add getting your mom and mother of the groom a gift to give them on your wedding day! Finding a gift that encompasses a lifetime of love and memories can be nearly impossible - but have no fear I have outlined gifts for almost every type of mom.

1. But First, Coffee | Etsy, $18.00+

Start your mom's day with a personalized coffee cup! I love the idea of a coffee cup because she can use it after the wedding day and be reminded of the fond memories y'all made together. The cup below comes in different sizes and hair color, dress silhouette and skin tone can be customized.

2. Personalized Ring Dish | Etsy, $24.00

This is a great gift for both the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom! This ring dish can be personalized with different messages that can be displayed year round. As you go through my post you will notice that I am a fan of gifts that can be practical and/or displayed year round, but always sentimental.

3. Matching Bracelets | Alex and Ani $48.00 / Etsy $43.00

When I first moved to NYC I gave my mom a coordinates bracelet to Kleinfeld since I would be there most of the time and made a matching bracelet with the coordinates of the house I grew up in. I wore the bracelet with the coordinates to the house and she wore the bracelet with the coordinates in NYC. We might have been miles apart, but never in heart. I love both the bangle and the cuff bracelets below. If you do decide on a bracelet for your mom make sure it is a bracelet she will wear and goes with her style.

4. Photo Book | $15.00

Another great gift for both the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom! Mom's love receiving photo gifts, and creating a book from all the wedding festivities leading to the big day is the perfect way to say "Thank You!"

5. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board | Etsy $36.00

Do you have a favorite recipe or dish you like to cook with your mom? Or a recipe that has been in the family for generations? I have seen these given as gifts and they are gorgeous and so personal. If you have a recipe handwritten on a note card or piece of paper it can be transformed onto a cutting board to be displayed forever.

6. Handkerchief | Etsy $29.95

She has dried your tears for so many years, so help dry her happy tears with a personal handkerchief. Elegant and classy - just like your mom! A handkerchief is not only sweet and personal, but will photograph better compared to a tissue.

7. Then and Now Picture Frame | Kate Spade $85.00

It is no secret that mom's love framed pictures - this gift takes it a step further. The idea is to place a picture of you and your mom from when you were a toddler on one side and then on the other side a note that says "reserved for our picture on my wedding day." This is also a great idea for a Mother of the Groom gift from her son.

8. Personalized Photo Clutch | Etsy $69.00

This has to be one of the most unique gifts! A stylish clutch to hold all of her essentials including a picture of you two! A clutch in general is a nice gift, but adding a photo aspect brings it over the top and screams mother of the bride or mother of the groom!

9. Personalized Tote Bag | Simply-Bags $41.99

Tote bags are perfect for the mom on the go! Being the mother of the bride or mother of the groom I can imagine is a bitter-sweet feeling. A tote might seem generic, but I would add a note in the inside reminding them they will be able to use their tote for when y'all travel together or when she visits.

10. Statement Earrings | Kendra Scott $120.00

Give mom a statement piece of earrings! Ideally, it would be earrings she can wear on your wedding day! It will be a beautiful surprise, and she can wear them for other special occasions.

These are just a few gift suggestions for the Mother of the Bride/Groom. When choosing a gift for your mom it does not need to be expensive to be meaningful. Giving your mom a gift on your wedding day is a special way to mark the occasion and will be appreciated!

Are you interested in a personalized MOB/MOG card? I can help you! I love curating one of a kind cards that are budget friendly and unique. Email me so we chat!

Have a Great Week!

Ashleigh Elizabeth

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