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Tradition Tuesday: Why Brides wear White?

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be as tricky as finding the ideal spouse. Many women have dreamt about their wedding since they were little girls. However, there is a large number of women that never imagined themselves in a wedding dress.

So on this #TraditionTuesday we are uncovering the tradition behind the Wedding Dress, and why women wear white on their wedding day. The tradition of dress shopping and saying "Yes to the Dress" for the wedding day is a relatively new tradition. For much of history, brides wore a gown they already owned to the ceremony (one of their best dresses). The bride's gown was often of color because it would hide stains or imperfections. Blue was a popular color because it symbolized purity and mimicked the Virgin Mary.

Painting by George Hayter

The white wedding dress dates back to 1406, but was popularized in 1840 by Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert. Queen Victoria pushed the limits with her wedding style. She wore a white dress with Honiton lace and finished her bridal look with a flower crown instead of a tiara. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's wedding was one of the first heavily photographed weddings at the time. The white wedding dress became a symbol of wealth and social class because wealthy women would be able to get the white gown and delicate fabrics professionally cleaned.

The Great Depression and World War II made delicate fabrics and white dresses scarce and were replaced with light hue suits and even repurposed parachutes. The economic boom after the war brought back the white gown and the multitude of trends we have seen over the years. Some of the most iconic and influential wedding gowns were worn by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Anne, and Princess Diana.

Wedding dress trends are always changing, but wearing a shade of white is still popular among brides. According to WeddingWires 2019 Trend report, 82% of brides wore white on their wedding day.

Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming, but stay calm and choose the dress that makes you feel the most like you! And do not be surprised if you do not choose a white wedding dress. Most wedding dresses are ivory, off white, and candlelight. Pure white can photograph blue, and the integrity of the dress can be lost.

Check back every Tuesday as I unveil more wedding traditions.

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Today is a Great Day to have a Great Day!

xoxo, Ashleigh

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