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Wedding Website 101 + Checklist

Your wedding website should be the least of your worries while wedding planning. However, your wedding website is essential and should not be overlooked. Your wedding website is your guests' gateway to your wedding day. It provides them with answers to the when, where, and what of your big day.

Not sure what to include on your wedding website? No worries, I have outlined each section to assist you in making your wedding website, and Free Download to guide you is at the bottom of this post.

The first thing you need to do is pick a platform that you would like to use for your website. There are so many options out there that are free and user-friendly. Some of the most popular platforms are: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola, and Minted. After you choose, a platform is when you will start adding your personal story and unique touches.



Might seem like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure that you and your partner's names are clear and spelled correctly. You will be receiving cards and gifts from family members and some might not know the spelling of your partner's name. If you or your partner go by a nickname make sure to include that so any personalized items are made with that in mind.


Make sure your wedding date is easily accessible - this will be the information most of your guests are looking for on your website.


Clearly display the start of your ceremony and reception on your site. The more information, the better!


When giving the location of your wedding, make sure you are giving the location of both the ceremony and reception. This means stating the name of the venue and address. If your venues can be difficult to find it is helpful to give landmarks that will help your guest locate the venue.


YAY! You are getting married, and your guests are excited to celebrate both of you! A countdown is the perfect way to create a sense of hype for your guests.


Black-Tie, Semi-formal, or casual? You will want to include this in your basic information to inform your guests of what is expected at your wedding.


List of wedding party members: Give a special shout out to the ones that are special to you! Adding a picture of each member of your wedding party will allow guest to put a face to a name prior to the wedding.



Some family and friends might not know how your love story began and this is the perfect platform to share your story.


You said YES! Yay! But how did it all go down? More people want to know then you think!



List things you and your partner like to do together, places you have traveled, and quirky facts. This will help guests when choosing their gifts for you. If you like to travel and registered for a new suitcase chances are someone will be more inclined to buy that gift for you. If the two of you like to spend time outside and host friends and family then maybe a few friends will pitch-in and buy a grill for y'all.



Sharing pictures from when y'all started dating to now will be a trip down memory lane and fun for your guests to reminisce on memories they share with you.


Beautiful, Elegant and so cute! Share them on your website for the world to see!


Very important to link all of your registries on your website. The majority of your gifts will come from these links, so you want to make sure they are easily found for guests.



List the hotels where you may have reserved room blocks for your wedding guests. Include a picture of the hotel, hotel website, contact information, nightly rates, and code for booking a room in the room blocks. If your room block offers valet parking, free breakfast, gym or particularly close to the venue it is beneficial to add that on the website for your guests.


Wedding Day Transportation:

If you are providing a shuttle from the hotel to the event it is important to list pick-up location and time for guests.

Travel like a Local:

Streetcar? Scooters? Bikes? If there is a unique way for guests to get around while in town for your wedding it is nice to give that information so they can experience the city like a local.

Maps and Parking:

Embed maps on your website to give guests a direct link to your wedding location. Inform your guests where to park for your big day. This will eliminate guests walking in late due to a lack of parking spaces.

What to do around town?

List fun facts, restaurants, museums, and activities for your guests to enjoy throughout your wedding weekend. This will make for the ultimate guest experience.

Airport Information:

This is especially important if the city is close to multiple airports, and the guests that are flying in are unfamiliar with the area. Mention which airports are the closest to the city and transportation that may be available.



I love snail mail, but we are living in a digital world. Having an RSVP option on your website will eliminate headaches for you and allow guests to let you know if they will be attending the wedding.


It is acceptable to have an FAQ on your website to answer common questions (for example plus ones, times, etc.). However, most guests would rather confirm with a person. List a contact E-Mail and Mailing address for guests to send questions and gifts that are not on the registry.


Welcome Party? Rehearsal Dinner? Let your guests know times, when, and where of any special pre or post-wedding festivities.


Song Suggestions is a fun feature for everyone! Let guests submit song suggestions that they would like to hear at the reception. You can give this list to the band or DJ to help guide the night and ensure everyone is on the dance floor.

Your wedding website is a virtual invitation for your guests and allows guests to have access to your wedding details 24/7. I hope you found this checklist helpful.



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