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Trunk Show 101

If you have are a bride-to-be it is more then likely you have heard the term "Trunk Show" once or twice, and maybe still puzzled on it's meaning. To bring you some clarity and help you in the dress shopping process I have outlined the What, When, Why and How of a designer Trunk Show.

What is a Trunk Show?

A Trunk Show is exactly that - a trunk show. Dresses are shipped from designers to local stores in trunks (or very big boxes) to showcase their collections. Often designers, representatives, and one-of-a-kind pieces are present at a trunk show. A trunk show is the perfect opportunity for brides-to-be to see their favorite designer's gowns in one location at one time.


Why Attend a Trunk Show?

1. More Options

Bridal salons do not carry every gown from a designer at all times, but during a trunk show a designer's whole collection is present at the store. They often will send matching accessories and add-ons that are only available during a trunk show. Do you follow a certain designer on social media and love most of their dresses? A trunk show is the perfect opportunity to be able to see your favorite designer's pieces at one time.

2. Straight off the Runway

Trunk Shows will have a designer's latest and newest designs - sometimes straight off the runway! This means that you are able to try-on and order your dress that is not even available in stores yet! However, often dresses are fitted to a specific model from the runway, so it is essential to be prepared to imagine the fit on you. Your consultant at the salon will be able to describe and show you the fit the best way they can.

3. Special Incentives

Typically, a salon will offer a special promotion if you order your gown during a Trunk Show. How awesome is that? Finding your dream dress and saving money!


When are Trunk Shows held?

Trunk Shows are planned well in advance and dates are posted by designers and local boutiques. A designer's website and/or social media will have updated times and locations of upcoming trunk shows. Bridal Salons in your area will also post updates on upcoming trunk shows happening at their store. Trunk Shows only last 2-3 days (typically over a weekend), so it is essential to make an appointment because appointment slots fill up fast.


Common Trunk Show FAQ:

Will you be able to try on other designer's dresses during a trunk show?

YES! However, if you choose to order a gown from a designer that is not part of the trunk show then you will not be able to benefit from a trunk show promotional discount.

Trunk Shows vs. Sample Sale

Trunk Shows and Sample Sales are both amazing events in the wedding gown world, but are very different from each other. Trunk Shows are held at local boutiques that showcase a specific designer's dresses and you will save money ordering your dress with the trunk show incentives.

A sample sale is held also held at local boutiques and brides are able to purchase a dress "off the rack" for a discounted price. The savings are usually more substantial because the gowns might have been a little "loved" from being on the rack.

I hope you found this information helpful and if you are looking for more wedding tips and tricks please check out the Ashleigh Elizabeth Weddings + Events Blog!

I hope you have a great day!


Ashleigh Elizabeth

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