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Tradition Tuesday: The Cake Pull

Happy Tradition Tuesday, Y'all! I love refreshing my knowledge each week on all of the unique wedding traditions and sharing them with y'all. Do you want to know more about a wedding tradition or have a suggestion for Tradition Tuesday? Email

This Tradition Tuesday is about the ceremonial cake pull that occurs at southern weddings (most commonly New Orleans weddings). Traditionally called the "Ribbon Pull" and originating in Victorian times has made its home in the south as "The Cake Pull." The cake pull takes place before the bride, and groom cut their wedding cake (sometimes right after). The bride chooses a few of her single friends, and on the count of three the participants will put their ribbon from the bottom of the cake. On the other end of the ribbon is a unique charm, and that charm is a symbol of their future. It has become so popular in New Orleans that many local jewelers have curated New Orleans specific charms.

What is the meaning behind each charm?

The Traditional Six:

Ring: Symbolizing Next to be Married

Anchor: Hope

Telephone: Good News is Coming

Heart: Love will Come

Thimble or button: Old Maid!

Horseshoe or Four-Leaf Clover: Good Luck

However, modern brides like to incorporate cousins, sisters, and close friends - so the list of charms has grown to be able to have more of their loved ones participate:

Wreath: A Happy Home

High Chair: Blessed with Children

The Rocking Chair: Longevity

Air-Plane, Hot Air Balloon, Eiffel Tower: Travel + Adventure

Satchel: Good Fortune

Mirror: Happy Life

Butterfly: Eternal Beauty

Streetcar: A life filled with Fun and Leisure

Wishbone: Success

Kite: Something Fun is about to Happen

Star: Your wish will come True

Stork: Next to have a Baby

Fleur-de-Lis: Love and Prosperity

New Orleans Charms:

Jester: You will a colorful life

Mardi Gras Mask: Your Life will be a Party

Oyster + Pearl: You will achieve anything You Want

Pelican: You will have a Life of Plenty

Ship Wheel: Life of Stability and Hope

Steamboat: Life Traveling the Seas

Water Meter Cover: Happy Home

Crown: Great Success or live like a Queen

Gas Lamp: A Bright Future

As you can see, there are many options for charms, but that does mean you need to use all of the possibilities. In my opinion, having eight single friends participate is ideal for a cake pull.

I hope you enjoyed this short Tradition Tuesday and if you have any suggestions please email

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Today is a great day to have a great day!



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