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10 Wedding Ideas for Sports Fans

Happy Fall Y'all! The fall brings cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything and...FOOTBALL. Especially if you are from the South you know that Friday nights are filled with high school football, Saturdays are filled with tailgating and cheering on your college team and Sundays are for cooking big pots of gumbo and watching your favorite NFL team.

Football is huge in Louisiana and all around the South, so it is no surprise that our weekends are planned around game time and being with friends and family. Because sports are part of our culture it is common for a couple to share a love for a team. Incorporating your favorite team or sport into your wedding will add a unique twist to your wedding, and if your spouse is a HUGE sports fan then he will feel more connected in the planning of your wedding. So how can you incorporate your favorite team into your big day? Below is my guide to incorporating your favorite team into your big day in a subtle and chic way!

1. The Groom's Cake

My personal favorite way to incorporate a team into a wedding is through the groom's cake! It is an instant tasty treat and picture-perfect moment for the bride and groom. In need of a gorgeous and tasty Wedding or Groom's cake? Check out these amazing cakes from Gambino's Bakery!


2. Garter Toss

This is a subtle way to incorporate a team into your wedding and surprise the groom at the same time! If you choose to do a garter toss at your wedding it will be a big hit to surprise your groom with a garter that celebrates his favorite team.

--- This is my favorite for the couple that has the house divided!


3. Specialty Cocktail

Cheers to the Happy Couple and to your favorite team! Renaming your specialty cocktail to celebrate your favorite team will have your guests toasting the happy couple all night long.


4. Entrance Song!

Kick-off your wedding reception like you are at your favorite stadium with your team's signature pre-game song! For example, if you are an LSU fan then you would enter your reception to the tune of the famous LSU pre-game song.


5. Socks + Cufflinks

If the bride isn't that much into sports then this is the perfect solution! It is important to celebrate both the bride and groom at the wedding and one subtle way is with the groom's attire. Team inspired cufflinks or socks are subtle and also items your groom can wear again and again.


6. Save-the-Date:

These Save-the-Dates inspired by gameday tickets are the perfect way to kick-off your wedding season and also celebrate that you and your partner have set a date! You can also take a save-the-date picture in front of your team's stadium or with your wedding date printed on a football, baseball, basketball, etc.


7. Reception Send-Off:

Walking out of your wedding with all of your friends and family members waving your team's colors in the air sounds like the perfect way to end your perfect night! Who wouldn't want to start the next chapter of their life that way? It is also an easy clean-up for your venue, so they will love that too!


8. Invite a Special Guest

Invite your favorite mascot to crash your reception! Keep it a secret to your guests and watch your guests "scream and shout" along with your favorite mascot.


9. Koozies

Keep your guests drinks cold all throughout the sports season with a sports and wedding-themed koozie in one! Your guests will go home from your wedding raving about their fun koozies and reminiscing about your amazing wedding at tailgates in the future.


10. Guest Book

Last but not least - the guest book! Having your guest sign a football jersey or home plate is perfect because it can be displayed in your house year-round to remind you of all the special people in your life, your favorite team and your most special day.

There are so many ways to incorporate your favorite team into your wedding, but I hope this guide helped spark some ideas. Couples always want their wedding to be unique and different but are unsure how to do that. I always tell my clients that are struggling to make their wedding unique that their is no other couple exactly like them and they need to think about things they like to do, eat or celebrate and to incorporate those components into the wedding.

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