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Look, I'll be honest- there are not enough nice things in the world to say about Ashleigh. From the beginning of the process, she was more than a planner to us- she was our friend! She completely understood the party I wanted to throw and brought it to life in the most beautiful way. She is always positive and upbeat, and her connections and experience in New Orleans cannot be beat. She never made me feel like my requests were dumb or unreasonable, and it showed on our wedding day. We hired her to do full-service planning, and we are so glad we did. I did not worry about my wedding once! She literally handled every single thing from start to finish. We got to essentially show up to our own party and have fun, which is a dream come true!

- Lauren & Will

New Orleans

About the Wedding: 
Photography - Emily Green  


Ashleigh is simply amazing. From our initial consult, it was obvious this is her passion and not just a job. She genuinely cares about executing your wedding to perfection and making your vision become a reality, and her ability to do so is quite impressive. There were several times where she knew what we wanted for certain items/details better than we did, just based off our desired “style” of wedding. She is extremely thorough throughout the process, and the detailed timelines, packing lists, etc really reduce the stress level as the day approaches. Additionally, her steadiness, calmness, and preparedness on the wedding day made us feel like nothing could go wrong. Any of the small tasks or questions we had on the day of were quickly answered with “it’s already done” or “I got that”. One of our big requests was to minimize the time from the end of the ceremony to finishing the signature dances and cake cutting so the party could start ASAP. Her efficiency in planning this timeline, coordinating pictures with the photographer, keeping the wedding party focused, and getting us dressed and fed so this could happen was truly remarkable. If you want to enjoy and/or minimize your wedding planning, and have an enjoyable wedding day instead of a stressful one, hire Ashleigh!

- Morgan & Scott

Houston, Texas 

Ashleigh was GREAT!! I can not say enough good things about her. I had to reschedule my wedding twice, change location three times, and had catering drop out twice so you could imagine it was a stressful time for everyone. Ashleigh would help calm me down and tackled basically an endless list of tasks without any complaints! I was pretty concerned about how our reception would look since it was under a tent and in our parent's front yard, but Ashleigh took all the worry out. The reception was beautiful and I could not have asked for anything more!! Highly recommend Ashleigh for anyone looking for a stress free wedding planning experience. :)

- Linda & William

Baton Rouge 

Ashleigh made our son’s wedding the most magical and wonderful day of our lives! She went above and beyond in every respect! We had several extra challenges due to Covid and her dedication and personal investment in our big day made everything run smoothly! I highly recommend her !!

- Pat A 

Father of the Groom 

Ashleigh was the easiest person to work with! She takes on way more than any other wedding planner I’ve ever seen. Always had a solution after so many reschedules because of Covid! You won’t go wrong choosing her for your wedding!

-Monica A

Mother of the Groom 

There are not enough kind, descriptive, amazing, praising words to describe what it was like working with Ashleigh!! I used Ashleigh's month-of-coordination services & cannot imagine what I would have done without her. Ashleigh went above & beyond to help me when I changed venues 4 months before my wedding due to COVID restrictions, she worked to ensure that all protocols the state, my Church, my family & I were wanting to have in place for the safety & comfort of our guests were implemented. The weeks leading up to my wedding were unusual because I got COVID 4 weeks before my wedding! Even though I was not able to attend last minute wedding meetings, Ashleigh went to them & FaceTimed me to keep me in the loop! The month of she was contacting vendors, making a very detailed timeline for the wedding weekend, we had multiple phone call meetings & she worked to make sure every detail I could think of (and SO MANY MORE) were covered. She was so patient as I was adding details/ going back & forth on certain things, etc. It was so nice not having to deal with all of those details & coordinating with vendors that month. On the wedding day, I did not have a worry in the world. I would trust Ashleigh with just about anything! I was able to sit back & completely enjoy the wedding day! Ashleigh arrived at our reception venue to assist with se-up & vendor coordination & once all of that was set-up she took a video for me to view later so that I could see how amazing the venue looked when it all came together! Side note: I highly recommend brides asking for a video like this because you get to see all of the little details that you don't notice in the moment. The reception was everything I had dreamed of & so much more! Thanks to Ashleigh & team, I was not worried about when the cake was cut, when light-ups were passed out, when the band would play what song, when we were supposed to walk out, etc. She & her amazing team took charge of all of that! About an hour into the reception my groom realized he left the personalized sweat towel one of our friends got him when we got engaged. (yes, it was January & he still needed a sweat rag lol). He mentioned to Ashleigh that he thought it was in the hotel & within a matter of seconds, one of her team members was on the way to the hotel to bring it to him. After the reception, Ashleigh & her team perfectly packed up all of our belongings & heirloom items to return to my family the next day. Ashleigh was an irreplaceable part of our wedding, I cannot imagine this whole process without her. I HIGHLY recommend Ashleigh Elizabeth Weddings and Events

-Anna Katherine & Austin

Baton Rouge, LA

I don’t even know where to begin or how to explain just how much Ashleigh did for us, but I do know that I am extremely grateful for her services! Just three weeks before our destination wedding in New Orleans, we realized just about every aspect of our wedding had to be changed due to pandemic restrictions (not to mention our point of contact at the venue quit and we got a new one three weeks out as well). I became extremely overwhelmed and essentially checked out as far as planning was concerned—I didn’t know where to begin and was working serious overtime at work and had no time to even think about that level of wedding planning. Ashleigh was constantly emailing and texting me ideas (and not just typing it out, she was making literal PDFs with multiple examples and options so I could have visuals of what she was talking about), she was running around town looking for decor, shopping on Etsy for last minute things, texting the wedding party, helping me cancel vendors... MAKING escort cards, place cards, centerpieces. You would’ve thought we were the only event she had going on, but she had multiple other events she was coordinating. I can’t believe the amount of time and effort she put into our wedding, it made me feel so special. And that’s not even getting to the actual wedding weekend. Multiple members of the wedding party came up to me saying, “WOW she’s good” throughout the weekend. It got to the point where my bridesmaids and I started saying, “I’m sure Ashleigh has that in the day of kit!” (and she did) or “it’s on Ashleigh’s timeline” (because it was) or “I bet Ashleigh knows that answer” (again, she did). She truly thought of everything. I genuinely believe that my wedding would look completely different (in a not good way) on so many levels if it weren’t for Ashleigh because I was just not in the headspace to deal with the level of stress the pandemic put on our wedding. Thank you SO much!! I can not recommend Ashleigh enough.

- Denise & Daniel

New Orleans, LA